Amari Deraisx

Amari Deraisx

Published on 2018 January 03

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Gully Bop ended the year by revealing that he had found true love with his new spouse. His new relationship has been met by heavy criticism online, with some persons pointing out that since the entertainer split with his first love, Shauna Chyn, his life and career have taken a turn for the worse.

While flattered by the comments about her having been Bop's source of strength, Chyn wants to be left out of the drama surrounding her ex as she heads into the New Year.

In an interview with THE STAR, Chyn revealed that it took some time for her to regroup and reposition herself in the entertainment industry after the nasty falling-out between her and Bop. She also said that it is unfair that her name somehow gets involved in his 'drama' every time he finds another 'flame'.

"I did something major for somebody in terms of picking dem up and ensuring seh dem get a buss. A three years now since me and him lef, and me wah strive and do my own thing. Me a do me own work and a get my life organised, and me just want people leave me out a the negativity," she said. "Me try me best fi stay away from the negativity, and me don't want nobody a call me name inna no mix-up."

Chyn also noted that it was high time that Jamaicans knew the truth about her and Bop. The deejay's ex-fiancÈe told THE STAR that she and the 'Body Specialist' singer was never in a real relationship and stressed that all that transpired between them romantically was just for publicity.

"Me and him never have anything going, like, serious. We just projected it out there like dat because that's what Jamaican people like, the gimmicks. It was all for publicity," she said. "I felt that he had a story weh people would a love to say no matter where yuh coming from and how yuh look, yuh can still bounce back and be something because miracles happen every day. It was working until weh him did wah fi do wid me, him couldn't do."

She shared that all was well until Bop caught real feelings and wanted more than the business deal they had initially agreed on.

"Me and Bop make a deal say when me help him get to a level, it would also help to benefit me and my talent. He was my source of bussing myself. We were doing things to make it look real (e.g., living together)," she said. "It (the plan) backfired pan me because me never give Bop weh him want. Bop did wah fi deh wid me, and dat wasn't a part of the arrangement. Him did start get inna feelings and forget say it was just for show."

For those who would say that Chyn is looking to once again ride the wave of Bop's popularity as the deejay just recently re-emerged on the scene, she said this was not so.

"What popularity? I don't know what's going on with Bop. I'm not looking any fame because the whole world a see me already. I'm a female. Me can't die out. The whole reason why me even decide fi say sup'm a because people start call up mi name again and start talk bad things about me say a me make him career stop, and all these things."

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