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Fairy Tail - Ending 25 Full『Boku to Kimi no Lullaby』by Miyuna


Published on 10 months ago

Fairy Tail ED 25 Full Song『Boku to Kimi no Lullaby』by Miyuna
TV Anime "Fairy Tail: Final Season" Ending 3 Theme Full ("Yours and My Lullaby")

♪ Lyrics: https://www.lyrical-nonsense.com/lyrics/miyuna/boku-to-kimi-no-lullaby/

♪ Support this song:
Digital release: https://miyuna.lnk.to/LULLABY
Official M/V: https://download.webs.moe/watch/GH7cWANydnQ

♪ Miyuna official links:
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLZ2RXLLVx0jAl0jxe7QzyQ
Twitter: https://twitter.com/miyunasinger
Website: https://www.miyunamiyuna.com
✦ Anime Info:
Title: Fairy Tail: Final Series (Fairy Tail Season 3)
Link: https://myanimelist.net/anime/35972/Fairy_Tail__Final_Series

✦ Picture Info:
Artist: ksmile1313
Link: https://www.deviantart.com/ksmile1313/art/Worry-791650314
Be aware this channel is non-profit and is for promotion purposes only.
All music belongs to the original creators.

Comments :


AniMelody . 10 months ago

♪ Support this song: Digital release: https://miyuna.lnk.to/LULLABY Official M/V: https://youtu.be/GH7cWANydnQ Illustration by ''ksmile1313'' - https://www.deviantart.com/ksmile1313/art/Worry-791650314
Ilyas ilyass

Ilyas ilyass . 2 weeks ago

Best ending❤❤
Mr.Gaming Fever

Mr.Gaming Fever . 2 weeks ago

Omg. What’s the song at the end?

アザゼガザキ . 2 months ago

Jintian HUANG

Jintian HUANG . 2 months ago

*when eriza stop the punch in the middle of grey and natsu
Bob The Bricoleur

Bob The Bricoleur . 2 months ago

I'm not the only one that thought this sounded like elevator music at first right?
Count Roy

Count Roy . 3 months ago

Why isn't Gildarts helping much?
Count Roy

Count Roy . 3 months ago

As an Indian, I can't help but ponder this part 0:42
Shafy Bahtiar

Shafy Bahtiar . 3 months ago

This song good for natsu and gray final batle kalau ade la

NG C.A.M. . 3 months ago

Well if anything good came out of this season, the soundtrack was expected.
-Tsuki Lux-

-Tsuki Lux- . 3 months ago

Is this on Spotify?
Abaasアバース sabrie

Abaasアバース sabrie . 3 months ago

Am I the only one who just likes the soundtrack at the beginning
Leonora Ada

Leonora Ada . 3 months ago

At first I just wanted to hear the music again. "It's very beautiful", I thought. And I checked people's opinion about it on the comments... "I miss Fairy Tail.", "I wish they'd come back.", oh damn it I don't wanna cry! Shit!
Mochammad A. Zulhi

Mochammad A. Zulhi . 3 months ago

I found Treasure...

JAPANAX-31 . 3 months ago

Infinity Reset

Infinity Reset . 3 months ago

Time traveller: I am from future and my favourite anime is fairy tail 100 year quest. Me:
Hussein Alaa

Hussein Alaa . 3 months ago

Please add english lyrics ...
маша лев

маша лев . 3 months ago


Rubywing4 . 3 months ago

Natsu walking with heavy steps along the sandy ground while in demon fire mode. Best ending theme of the show and fits very well in the season 3. Sad, epic, anticipation, it has all the seriousness of season 3. It's perfect. Too bad they replaced it in the last dozen episodes with a more upbeat theme...:/ WHY DIDN'T THEY KEEP IT TIL THE END?!
Ew I Saw A Mirror

Ew I Saw A Mirror . 3 months ago

Well I’m the only one looking for comments about how sad I am BECAUSE IT ENDED WHAAAAA
yasser kaaouan

yasser kaaouan . 3 months ago

Any one still listen this masterpiece?

J K . 3 months ago

That fan art is bomb.
Angsty Geek

Angsty Geek . 4 months ago

What's the song that was in the end credits?
Daoud ELMI

Daoud ELMI . 4 months ago

La chanson est magnifiquement magnifique
Angsty Geek

Angsty Geek . 5 months ago

What's the ending song in 4:41

Rffy . 5 months ago

Only one more episode guys
Arianna Scordarella

Arianna Scordarella . 5 months ago

Dark Flame

Dark Flame . 5 months ago

one of the best endings that i wont skip 😍
Thuỷ Đỗ thị

Thuỷ Đỗ thị . 5 months ago

cho xin link nhac doan cuoi
animes s2s2

animes s2s2 . 5 months ago

Please lyrics portuguese🙏🙏🙏🙏💜💜💗💜💗💜💗🙏
Faith Shelton

Faith Shelton . 5 months ago

😫😫😫😫😢😢😢😢 Fairy tail is ending! This songs makes me so sad
Hikari Akano

Hikari Akano . 5 months ago

I love this song <3
Ricardo Fernandes

Ricardo Fernandes . 5 months ago

Excelente song 😁😄
Marion. Wlm

Marion. Wlm . 5 months ago

Natsu Dragneel

Natsu Dragneel . 5 months ago

Love fairytail

MagicPixel . 5 months ago

man i just want to watch the series again to hear those fade outs
Gujudhur Harish Kumar

Gujudhur Harish Kumar . 5 months ago

If I could be allowed to willful in my best possible way, I would live my dream, however long it would last. And then look on.
Poppie Davids

Poppie Davids . 5 months ago

The moment that i first heard this outro, i instantly fell inlove. Its sooo beautiful😍😍😍😍miyunas vocals are that of an angel. The lyrics are so beautiful. I think it fits the storyline of the current arc so perfectly. Anyone else cry their eyes out when watching mavis and zeref?? Gah, my heart...

SnowKidPt . 6 months ago

Man, i'm sad... Its not the music, i love it, it's just... Fairy Tail itself. Even tho the first arcs had its flaws, fairy tail was an anime that i ken i would like, the characters would amaze and the storys.... oh boy it's sad to see Fairy Tail in this state, during the 2cd season and final season, where nothing makes sense, everything is just stupid.... People who have created types of magic and trained for centuries being defeated by some kids with the friendship power, echii at its finest, and... nothing really amazes me or attracts me anymore in Fairy Tail Im so disapointed...
Cody Gebert

Cody Gebert . 6 months ago

When a song like this gives you chills and makes you picture the show, that's how you know amazing.
Achareerus Tosakun

Achareerus Tosakun . 6 months ago

am sad.... T^T
The Randal

The Randal . 6 months ago

Alguien sabe el nombre de la canción final pero de la tercera temporada
Matthew Reed

Matthew Reed . 6 months ago

Fairy Tail will NEVER end because it will forever exist in the hearts of everyone who has put in the time to watch and go through everything that natsu and everyone else has gone through!.
kimetsu no yaiba

kimetsu no yaiba . 6 months ago

Джуби Джинчурики

Джуби Джинчурики . 6 months ago

That image the end with Natsu, Gray, Erza and Makarov always gets me +Ending > Opening

vveneers . 6 months ago

the kids are leaving soon, only a few more EPs now
Kris Gaming

Kris Gaming . 6 months ago

Unité familiale Mbala

Unité familiale Mbala . 6 months ago

"Erza, is she human?

Spinosun . 6 months ago

0:44 im getting some tokyo ghoul vibes

J O . 6 months ago

screw your stupid aftersong, jesus f. christ. nobody wants that shit.

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