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Word (With Lyrics) - Sho Baraka



Published on 2009 September 23

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Here is Sho Baraka's first single off his upcoming album "Lions and Liars" which is due out sometime in Spring 2010. I am really loving this song. It can be purchased at iTunes or at the Reach Records website.


I've been reading word/ living that word/
Diggin that word/ giving that Word/
I've got the word on my lips/
Word in my palm
Word in my mind
Word is bond
(I've got that Word)

Verse 1
I'm up in that word ain't no fear in me heart/
Check with me squad, the thing we fear is me God/
Me pride and moms, we got freedom/
No death (no fear) since the second Adam/
(That's Word) like who these squares who now got nerve/
To speak with boldness like revenge of the Nerds/
only cuz the Memra gave us S'smikah/
to now get amp'd and be his speakers/
The word will return aint no maybes or likely/
With fire in his eyes cuz don't take him lightly/
or test it cuz he may run in the stands/
this aint a game but he coming with a full marching band/
blood robe flowing and angel's trumpets blowing/
aint no laughing matter but they'll be heads rolling/
These cats run the block they got swag on the corner/
But Jesus came thru and their swag got ran over/

Verse 2
If you knew me in the past I'm a different kind of dude/
Gotta new attitude, Nolonger described as a fool,
My shoes or my jewels, me got a cool/
My stylist is the King of Jews/
(That's Word) man think that the Words fake/
40 different authors complimenting what they say/
inerrancy of scripture still holds up today/
God knows what he's doing this didn't happen by mistake/
The Lord spoke clearly cuz he's great and all potent/
got relevant components cuz the lords all knowing/
timeless classic teachable for any moment/
Got many nay-sayers but no worthy opponent/
Its got young men walking with bounce in their step/
They got right living cuz they know what they left/
This new breed aint scared were take it to your chest/
Correct in you love then leave you Impressed cuz

Verse 3
Yeah I got that word on my lips, in my heart, in my palm/
Maybe Mark maybe Luke maybe Psalms maybe John/
Its makes me cry makes me think make me strong/
It makes your boy repent when my mind thinking wrong/
Peace to my heart something like a smooth song/
Gives rest to the weary when the race feels long/
It got me serving my wife, like cooking in the morn/
It got me fleeing temptation when my passions are torn/
Serving poor, I'm like an open door /
What's mine is yours like Acts chapter 4 /
Peace in the storm, when it feels like its war/
Contentment in my heart when my flesh wants more/
He saw man's need and he gave what he had/
He had riches then took rags/
Even worse than that to make me feel low/
He gave his life on the cross so we could live bro/

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