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Published on 2019 October 09

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This is everything we know so far for Rick and Morty's 4th season.
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There might not be any other show out there with a dedicated fan base quite like Rick and Morty. And after a two and a half year wait between seasons three and four, excitement is at an all time high for the upcoming newest season! With a brand new trailer and a whole bunch of rumours flying around, we thought we’d take a look at just what we know about the upcoming season of Rick and Morty.
What we know for sure is that we will never have to wait quite as long between seasons ever again. Dan Harmon said that they knew the wait was too long, but they were locked in a lengthy contract negotiation with Adult Swim that pushed back their production schedule. But now we know that the result of that negotiation led to the network picking up seventy new Rick and Morty episodes, so it was all worth the wait. Along with that, Harmon confirmed that they have already begun writing season five, even as they are finishing season four! So once the ball gets rolling, it won’t be stopping any time soon.
In all of these new episodes, the show will be more like it was in season three, in that things will change from episode to episode like any other serialized drama, instead of resetting at the end as cartoons are known to do.
Also, we’ll see the return of some of our old favourites, like Mr Poopybutthole and Mr Meeseeks, among others. All of that, plus a handful of amazing guest stars might just make this the most exciting season of Rick and Morty ever.

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