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Published on 4 months ago

This is everything we know so far for Rick and Morty's 4th season.
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There might not be any other show out there with a dedicated fan base quite like Rick and Morty. And after a two and a half year wait between seasons three and four, excitement is at an all time high for the upcoming newest season! With a brand new trailer and a whole bunch of rumours flying around, we thought we’d take a look at just what we know about the upcoming season of Rick and Morty.
What we know for sure is that we will never have to wait quite as long between seasons ever again. Dan Harmon said that they knew the wait was too long, but they were locked in a lengthy contract negotiation with Adult Swim that pushed back their production schedule. But now we know that the result of that negotiation led to the network picking up seventy new Rick and Morty episodes, so it was all worth the wait. Along with that, Harmon confirmed that they have already begun writing season five, even as they are finishing season four! So once the ball gets rolling, it won’t be stopping any time soon.
In all of these new episodes, the show will be more like it was in season three, in that things will change from episode to episode like any other serialized drama, instead of resetting at the end as cartoons are known to do.
Also, we’ll see the return of some of our old favourites, like Mr Poopybutthole and Mr Meeseeks, among others. All of that, plus a handful of amazing guest stars might just make this the most exciting season of Rick and Morty ever.

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Neil Stone

Neil Stone . 4 months ago

Well if the Trump voter Is going to be able on the show I won’t watch it

MrSanfrinsisco . 4 months ago

Why are people roasting the guy who did the commentary? If you're reading this, commentary guy, I appreciate you. Don't listen to all these people, keep up the good work!
Calliandra Challis

Calliandra Challis . 4 months ago

6 minutes and 3 ads to say very little
derek smith

derek smith . 4 months ago

Yay 30 minute superjail

ThatDbzGuy . 4 months ago

Wtf is this guy. He should go back to pepperidge farm commericals
Buhda Punk

Buhda Punk . 4 months ago

at 0:18 is that Mr. PBH throwing Justin Roiland?
Rikki Frazier

Rikki Frazier . 4 months ago

Kanye West awww major downer

CubeSnake . 4 months ago

They lost me at Kanye West
Angelo Alires

Angelo Alires . 4 months ago

Why is someone's grandfather voicing this video?
Matthew Keen

Matthew Keen . 4 months ago

massanti madunigang

massanti madunigang . 4 months ago

Super bad narrator
Demonic Nihilist

Demonic Nihilist . 4 months ago

Take your time I watched the interview where you say you a perfectionist and how you want to make sure it only gets better, you breath and try not to stress to much I'll keep reminding people why it's taking so long for that quality quality funny content so they dont try to rush you.
Ji Hoon Lee

Ji Hoon Lee . 4 months ago

Why does the narrator sound like an amateur YouTuber?
I'm black So I'm slow

I'm black So I'm slow . 4 months ago

I'm black So I'm slow

I'm black So I'm slow . 4 months ago

Do you like fish sticks!???

That80sGuy1972 . 4 months ago

K West? **groan** Meh... Rick & Morty were bound to have at least one of their punch bowls have a turd in it.
Kayce Niccum

Kayce Niccum . 4 months ago

We want the sauce
Amy Avraam

Amy Avraam . 4 months ago

Oh no! I've lost some respect for this show now that I know Kanye West will be on it and that they are fans :(
Kevin Sugia

Kevin Sugia . 4 months ago

I like how you related literally nothing new, and even went so far as to shamefully and obviously mislead with your picture. Good job, parasites.
Rick Sanchez

Rick Sanchez . 4 months ago

Nobody exists on purpose. Nobody belongs anywhere. We’re all going to die. Come watch TV.
Andrea Dardello

Andrea Dardello . 4 months ago

Andrea's son here. I like that they break down the possibilities and the facts that the creators have made. I love the jokes in Rick and Morty does my mom watch it. No, but I still like that Screen Rant explained some stuff.😁
Naruto and Sasuke

Naruto and Sasuke . 4 months ago

"20 character that could beat sasuke uchiha" Lmfao y'all got debunked so bad🤣🤣🤣
Tsewa Rinzi

Tsewa Rinzi . 4 months ago

Season 4 is almost released Screen rant: let's state the obvious for them
Mason Schwalm

Mason Schwalm . 4 months ago

Al Gore: This season is going to be super serial...
Ratko Santrac

Ratko Santrac . 4 months ago

Wait, what? Fans of Kanyebulshitwest? Disappointing.
Dale Hull

Dale Hull . 4 months ago

optimus prime

optimus prime . 4 months ago

Useless video

AJ . 4 months ago

Wait a second, this isn't a pitch meeting
Peterson Silva

Peterson Silva . 4 months ago

Tip: watch at 1.5 speed
Billy TheKidder

Billy TheKidder . 4 months ago

This is such a different narration voice from the Pitch Meeting guy, hardly sounds like him at all!
Chi3f 254

Chi3f 254 . 4 months ago

How did this dude get a job at Screen Rant, like hire me too
Ranchez Ammay

Ranchez Ammay . 4 months ago

Wait did he just say 70 episodes????
Matthew Cole

Matthew Cole . 4 months ago

Dude your video is so crazy
Knight Festive

Knight Festive . 4 months ago

Did he say 70 episodes?

Backonja . 4 months ago

Wait, "space snakes", just like one we saw in the trailer when Rick said that he's usually around people that die faster.
Shadow Dragon

Shadow Dragon . 4 months ago

Oooo weeeeee
rocket launch

rocket launch . 4 months ago

kids dont watch this show its bot for kids

XxDeathxxTollxX . 4 months ago

...I liked the Szechuan Sauce...
Dee C

Dee C . 4 months ago

I can't wait for Season 4.
James Berglind

James Berglind . 4 months ago

yep im excited
Elsa Vargas

Elsa Vargas . 4 months ago

Loved the trailer looks better than ever can't wait to tune in
matthew styles

matthew styles . 4 months ago

Y this narrator sound like the cross between a 14 year old black kid and an 80 year old man

MR. E . 4 months ago

Schezhan sauce!! Bitch!
Derek Patterson

Derek Patterson . 4 months ago

Rick and Morty fans: God it's SO long between seasons. Venture Bros Fans: Oh my sweet summer child...
Melissa Lee

Melissa Lee . 4 months ago

I can't wait

mattsumus . 4 months ago

I'm Pickle Rick!!! °°2017 ●●●Me 2019

singleasasin . 4 months ago

Rick&Morty episodes were, from start, something totally different than other shows. That's what makes them special :-) Also, almost every episode was different from the other and that's what kept viewers. Now, if the new season will have continuity through other episodes, some won't like it, but, who knows, this might turne up to be a good thing 😊 Thanks for posting this clip 😊
Mr. Legendary Thoroman

Mr. Legendary Thoroman . 4 months ago

Rick vs. Hulk
Bean Dip

Bean Dip . 4 months ago

Doesn’t the first episode of season 4 air tomorrow on the 10th??????

TheModdedZombie . 4 months ago

Morty is hitler

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